21 04 2020


10:30 - 11:30

|ONLINE| Presentation Skills workshop – Part 2: Your personal brand: presenting yourself as an artist

Join us for the second Presentation Skills workshop. Every workshop can be attended online and individually, but also consecutively. During this three part workshop programme, given by Jessika Lynch, you will develop your presentation skills. Jessika has developed this workshop series specially for This Works. Make sure not to miss out on this one!

Session 2:
Your personal brand: presenting yourself as an artist
Next up we will cover the way you present yourself across different channels, from your own website to social media to exhibit brochures and more. In this meaty session we’ll cover how to think about your personal brand, why it’s important, elements such as tone of voice, vision and values, and how to ensure that your brand comes through wherever you are presented.

Jessika is a certified speaker coach, leadership strategist and (change) communications specialist with a 20+ year career in corporate communications for B2B tech and hospitality companies. She’s also a TEDx founder and speaker coach with 10 years of experience programming and coaching 60+ TED talks.

With the guiding belief that great communication and better leadership is within everyone’s reach, she offers services including bespoke speaker coaching, leadership coaching, pitch
training, speechwriting and strategic consulting to a wide variety of individual leaders and organizations, such as ABN AMRO, IBM, Rainforest Alliance, DPG, Oracle, Ingenico, Microsoft and various government, startup and not-for-profit organizations.